I Have A New Voice!

It was the first Friday of October. Surgery day! The wait for my throat surgery was not nearly as long as the top surgery. It was also nice to know I would be able to recover at home rather than a hotel like after my top surgery. As with most procedures, the hospital required that someone accompany me and be available to drive me home.  I asked the friend who had previously offered to go to Kansas City with me and she gladly said yes. I had a 6 am arrival time, so I arrived at her house early that morning. I’d attended my pre-op appointments at the hospital and followed all of the instructions I’d been given for the night before surgery. I was thirsty and kind of cranky, but ready to head to the hospital.

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Inclusion and Community Aren’t Just Words

Well, that’s over with…or so I thought. As if it wasn’t enough for everyone to fight nearly the entire month of June – in the name of community and togetherness, mind you; it seems that waking to the re-hashing of recent events is the way many are choosing to start off July.

Fine, I’m game. Here goes. I have just a few thoughts I am going to share about our 2019 Pride season. Take from them as is your will to do.

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