It is Sunday, isn’t it?

The dogs have been fed and had their first fetch of the day. I’m hopeful I can have a quiet moment to write, so I’m sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee; the window is open to chirping birds, budding trees, and the crisp smell of spring.

Tiny Charlie is biting Emma’s ear. Two of my three dogs.

Aaaaaand…we’re finished. There is a playful growl to my left and I look over to see this. Yes, Tiny Charlie is in fact trying to eat Emma’s ear.

So much for a quiet Sunday. It is Sunday, isn’t it?

It seems that  many people have their lives turned upside down in recent weeks. This COVID-19 Coronavirus stuff is no joke. The number of people who aren’t yet taking the situation seriously is concerning – especially as rapidly as new cases are announced and changes to managing our everyday activities continue to evolve.

I’ve been pretty lucky. I haven’t lost my job or been laid off. The biggest work change for me is that I cannot visit my customer sites. I work for a large fuel distributor for my “real job” – you know until the whole writer/artist thing starts paying the bills. Ha!

Anyway, I generally am on the road traveling across 7 states from site to site. Until the virus blows over I am basically homebound unless there’s something emergent.

In the meantime, the dogs are loving that I’m home as much as I am. I mostly leave the house only for groceries, to deliver items to people in need, or to make a quick run down the street – a “get out of the house for thirty minutes and hit the Starbucks drive-thru for a cup of coffee” trip. Yes, I do realize there’s coffee in the cupboard. But sometimes you just gotta.

Updates…my book is selling pretty well. I didn’t publish it to get rich, but a little extra money is always nice. I’ve started rolling around ideas for the next project. More on that later.

Oh, the picture above this post is my desk where I write when I’m not in a coffee shop or hotel room. Yep, that’s where the magic happens. Ha!

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