Stuck in the Mud

Recent rain is hampering my weekend plans to do yard projects. The ground is too muddy to run the lawn mower let alone reinforce a retaining wall as I’d planned. But the sun has started the drying process and with the help of the warm breeze, it shouldn’t take too long so there’s no point in complaining.

We are all still supposed to be observing the stay at home order except for essential trips – mine include coffee drive thru visits, and I’m not going to apologize for them. I am still working from home and despite the dogs wanting to play all day I manage to keep up with the thin workload. I’m looking forward to being able to get back on the road once it’s safe to travel. I’ve been trying to keep up with what’s going on in the states where I will need to be and for the time being there’s nowhere I can see heading without a fairly high risk of exposure to the virus.

Other than having a little extra free time on my hands to fill – and that’s been pretty easy to do – I don’t really see too many changes going on that directly affect me. Once in awhile I have to remind myself that the hours to whatever store I’m planning to visit have changed or that stopping at meal time at any given drive thru will mean long lines; but that’s about it. Doctor and therapy appointments have been easily managed with phone calls or video option. Only one appointment has been rescheduled and I am on hold for another doctor, but that’s a temporary thing and not a big deal.

I’ve seen so many people posting on social media how stressed they are by all of the changes and the unknowns that they’re seeing. I don’t get it. If you can’t control it, why let it bother you? I know everyone is different, but I just don’t understand letting one’s self get all worked up over something when they know it’s going to make things more unpleasant. Some people are truly trying to get through this as best they can I suppose, but the people who are doing nothing but complaining and claiming that there’s nothing they can do makes no sense to me. I would think they’d want to drag themselves out of that mess. I guess if that’s how they want to use their energy it’s surely their prerogative, but I unfollow them on social media because no one wants to hear that on repeat for long – at least I certainly don’t. There’s enough of the proverbial mud holding us back and the longer one sits in it, the more difficult the task of digging out becomes.

Tomorrow is another day and will hopefully prove more productive than this one, but today I will suck it up and deal with being less than normally productive for another day. I’ll play with the dogs, drink some coffee, and catch up on my reading. It’s a good day to be outdoors and playing in the mud sounds a whole lot better than getting your boots stuck in it.

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