An Agreeable Interruption

I opened the front door to let the cat outside. Somehow I’d missed that there was rain in the forecast. An unexpected rain is always an agreeable interruption to my day, or night for that matter. Often rain can be an emetic in times when one wishes to purge one’s self from the remnants of a difficult day or simply relax. There is something truly releasing about a rain in any season. I would gladly permanently trade the piercing sun for any form of rain if given the choice.

I was not in need of any purgative today, though, since I’d already spent the morning hiking with my Labrador, Cayman. The trail was as relaxing as it could be considering all of his stops, sniffs, and starts along the way. Hints of the recent snowfall highlighted the path and muddied my boots as we quietly made our way through one of Missouri’s state parks.

The winter wildlife was scarce today and barely a leaf moved in the light breeze. A single squirrel ran across the trail in front of us and the peace was broken briefly by a woodpecker busy at work. After Cayman’s initial excitement wore off a bit, we marked a better pace – a more meditative stride. And aside from a good rainstorm, the walk proved much more therapeutic than any other form of meditation that I’ve tried.

I may have missed most of the rain; but the fresh air, trees, and a yellow dog at the end of a leash were exactly what was needed today. Nothing in our day demanded urgency. Daylight passed without event.

I’ve just dropped a PG Tips into a mug and now I listen for the whistle of the kettle. The exhausted dog sleeps and if the pace of the rain slowly trailing down the window wins; I am not far behind him.

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