One Side or the Other

Personally, I am willing to listen to the two sides of every conversation. I am nothing if not fair in that aspect. I have little patience for blatant disregard for others who don’t; and that brings me to this post today.

To those of you posting on my feeds or sending me DMs, this post is for you. If you are intent on doing nothing but slamming the GOP, just stop. Seriously. If you actually think that I believe Republicans as a whole are evil or bad or whatever word you want to use, or that the entire party should “go away” and you think I’m going to ride that train with you, then you don’t know me at all.

While I respect that you may think along those lines, I do not. While I do think it imperative to immediately invoke the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office, I am not on board with denouncing or displacing any member of Congress just for being a member of the Republican Party. Time spent on those conversations is wasted and likely unproductive.

As humans most of us have many aspects to our being and I’ve never met anyone in my entire life that is “the whole package.” Most humans identify with aspects of a person that might better mesh with their personal beliefs or philosophies and find a way to come to terms with the rest providing they have not truly caused personal harm or offense. Respect and relatability are key to acceptance. Barring that, it becomes a willingness issue.

There are now and have been for as long as I’ve paid any attention, Republicans in office whose contributions I gladly welcome. There are those who are willing to look past party and work for the people. They are there and have always been there. We just have to be vigilant and look a little harder. I believe that in working for the greater good making the extra effort to find them and support them is worth it.

It’s no secret that I have voted Democrat for many years. In the overall scheme of things, they seemingly bring the most to the table in the current world climate and in line with my beliefs. That doesn’t mean that I don’t find a number of elected officials in the party whom I consider ill-capable to act on the behalf of their constituents. There are plenty who’ve been elected to office for whom I would never have cast a vote – on both sides of the aisle, actually.

But we need at least two parties in a democracy. We need accountability. When the system works and when we hold our elected officials accountable, the parties on either side provide balance. We don’t see that now because we as voters have dropped the ball. We sit idly watching them make decisions and acting on our behalf even when we don’t like what they’re doing. And then we complain but never really do anything about it.

They work for us. Again – THEY WORK FOR US. In any other part of your world when you hire someone to do a job, do you continue to pay them for poor performance or for bad or harmful decisions?

Would I vote for a Republican? Yes, without hesitation if in comparison to the opposed, they had demonstrated leadership with an understanding of the diversity and true needs of the people, and I had confidence that their intent would not break from benefiting the greater good. It’s important to think “big picture” in my opinion. Who will make the biggest difference? Who can do the job?

Do I want Trump gone? Emphatically, yes! But not because he’s Republican, rather because he is incapable of fulfilling the job expectations; and frankly, he has become dangerous. Trump has never been a Republican except in name any more than Bernie Sanders is a Democrat. They both chose alliances that they believed would get them elected and further their agenda. If either truly believed that what they were proposing could garner the support to do it on merit alone, they would have advocated and risen without false attachments. These are the acts of people who put person over people.

Now, I’m certainly not saying that Sanders and Trump are the same. They are far from it. But undeniably, they both have a strong base that would follow them to the end. This just proves my position that there are similarities and differences on both sides of every coin. When that coin is midair you can’t be sure what you’ll get; but whether you call head or tails, how you act with the consequences of the outcome are ultimately your responsibility.

It could just be me, but I don’t see how blanketly choosing one side over the other is helpful in the spirit of unity. Maybe the idea of heads or tails, or Republican or Democrat, or black or white isn’t how we should be reading the room, after all.

‘Just saying…

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