Bring me a cup of a good fresh, hot, black coffee and you will have my attention – at least for as long as it takes me to drink that cup dry.  Truthfully, even though I’m pretty much a coffee snob, I’d even take a cup of not-so-great coffee. Give me a pot of coffee, a book, and my dogs on a rainy day and I’m set.

I’m an artist, writer, musician, sometimes activist when it comes to LGBTQIA issues, and am frequently vocal about my political views; but I will shut down anyone that wants to talk religion.  My name is Terry Willits and I grew up on a farm outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa but now live in St. Louis, Missouri with my partner and 2 ½ Labrador Retrievers.  I say half because one is half Beagle – and she is half the size of the others.  There are also two cats, but they don’t want to get involved.

I have one of those “real” parent-approved adult jobs which has me on the road quite a bit – usually to places you’d never consider visiting.  My favorites as a kid were my Etch-A-Sketch and Charlie Brown; and they still top my list.  I like breakfast for supper, I say “pop” not “soda”, prefer cooking over open fire rather than charcoal, advocate for continued use of the Oxford comma, believe the sandwich is one of life’s greatest inventions, my favorite word – which I use indiscriminately and frequently – begins with the letter “F”, and wear cargo pants because then I’ll never run out of pockets.  I have no known allergies to food or medication – this has come up surprisingly often lately.  And you will never hear me say the word “ain’t” because I don’t accept it as a word despite its 1993 addition into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. That’s me in a nutshell – the walnut is my favorite nut, by the way.

Oh…I’m also a transgender male. Now you know.