When Brave Voices Speak We Listen

There are only two days left in the month of May. That’s only two days until Pride month if you live by the queer calendar. June is Pride month or Pride season if you will. To many who identify as LGBTQ+ it is license to celebrate with kick ass parties, festivals, and bar bashes. Some would paint a pretty picture and have us believe that the season swells with love, inclusivity, and a glittery rainbow of commonality between allies and community. Well, I am here to tell you that that depends on whom you ask.

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People, Place, Plot, and Purpose: Prose in All Its Grandeur

There is inherent power in telling a story. It matters not if the story is good or bad, fiction or a someone’s living truth. What matters to many is the outcome – namely how the reader or listener feels or responds after absorbing the words. What matters to me mostly is how a story is told. Therein lies the truest command of a teller of tales.

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One Side or the Other

Personally, I am willing to listen to the two sides of every conversation. I am nothing if not fair in that aspect. I have little patience for blatant disregard for others who don’t; and that brings me to this post today.

To those of you posting on my feeds or sending me DMs, this post is for you. If you are intent on doing nothing but slamming the GOP, just stop. Seriously. If you actually think that I believe Republicans as a whole are evil or bad or whatever word you want to use, or that the entire party should “go away” and you think I’m going to ride that train with you, then you don’t know me at all.

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