Doing the Thing

“The shortest answer is doing the thing.” – Ernest Hemingway

In the year 2021 I resolve to…nope, I don’t. I don’t see any point in doing this year any differently than the last. You see, I didn’t have one of those horrible, crappy, miserable years that so many have been telling us they had. Oh, sure, the pandemic part of it sucked, it pissed me off when people didn’t wear their masks, and I did lose a few people I knew – which sucked even more; but for the most part all of that seemed to be not much more than background noise to everything else that took place over the last 10 months of the year.

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Sorting it Out – Cursing the Cancel Culture of J.K. Rowling

I’m not sure about you, but my social media feeds began the week thick with cancel culture attacks. Proverbial wands are flailing about and despite the Ministry of Magic decree to never utter the words, “Imperio!” and “Crucio!” are being shouted all willy-nilly as the offended take aim at J.K.Rowling. This isn’t the first time that the public has positioned Ms. Rowling as one of the fictional dementors she’s scribed; but to many her real life words overshadow the positive messages in the stories she’s penned to paper.

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On April 7 we lost John Prine to the COVID-19 virus. I don’t usually pay much attention to celebrities when they die, and truth be told, he never really felt like a celebrity in the sense that most others do. He was a brilliant writer. His voice fit him. He had the best voice for the words he penned. But first and foremost, to me he was the consummate poet. In his lyrics he spoke volumes. There won’t be another John Prine.

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