Back at it…

I didn’t plan on taking a break from this blog, but it appears that I did. I’ve mostly been busy writing for my online magazine/blog Trans Speak.

Check it out if you have a moment. On that site I am featuring stories written by trans persons, for trans, about trans. There is more of a slant on human interest rather than a site filled entirely of news articles. I will continue to make personal blog posts on this page and will be back with more soon.

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Inclusion and Community Aren’t Just Words

Well, that’s over with…or so I thought. As if it wasn’t enough for everyone to fight nearly the entire month of June – in the name of community and togetherness, mind you; it seems that waking to the re-hashing of recent events is the way many are choosing to start off July.

Fine, I’m game. Here goes. I have just a few thoughts I am going to share about our 2019 Pride season. Take from them as is your will to do.

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We Have To Do Better – It’s Pride Season, for Fuck’s Sake!

Nothing gets the gay community talking like throwing a little drama in their faces. Here’s the thing, now we have a conversation going, don’t we? That tells me it was the right decision. It was right for Pride St. Louis to want no uniformed officers in the parade, it was right for Mayor Krewson to support the ask, and it was right for the SLPD to support the decision – as difficult as that must have been for them to do, having LGBTQIA officers in their departments.

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