Doing the Thing

“The shortest answer is doing the thing.” – Ernest Hemingway

In the year 2021 I resolve to…nope, I don’t. I don’t see any point in doing this year any differently than the last. You see, I didn’t have one of those horrible, crappy, miserable years that so many have been telling us they had. Oh, sure, the pandemic part of it sucked, it pissed me off when people didn’t wear their masks, and I did lose a few people I knew – which sucked even more; but for the most part all of that seemed to be not much more than background noise to everything else that took place over the last 10 months of the year.

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Sorting it Out – Cursing the Cancel Culture of J.K. Rowling

I’m not sure about you, but my social media feeds began the week thick with cancel culture attacks. Proverbial wands are flailing about and despite the Ministry of Magic decree to never utter the words, “Imperio!” and “Crucio!” are being shouted all willy-nilly as the offended take aim at J.K.Rowling. This isn’t the first time that the public has positioned Ms. Rowling as one of the fictional dementors she’s scribed; but to many her real life words overshadow the positive messages in the stories she’s penned to paper.

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Not Everything Needs Fixing

I spent the entire long Labor Day weekend in my favorite sweat pants and a cotton t-shirt with cut-off sleeves and socks. It really doesn’t matter that my shirt sleeves were gone but their absence did create a bit of balance with the long pants I wore despite the weather being plenty warm enough to wear shorts. Since most of my interaction with nature in recent days has been through glass windows and brick walls I opted for comfort over sensible in my wardrobe choices.

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Create a Culture of Peace – This is on You, Too

I woke to a number of “this needs to stop” and “something needs to change” posts across social media this morning. I have not seen one “I’m going to…” response to last night’s shootings in the city.

If you can’t see that this problem reaches beyond the responsibility of parents and city officials then you inarguably are not looking hard enough at the real issues. To choose to reside in an area where violent acts continue yet put the onus on others to rectify the situation so that you have a better place to live is irresponsible and elitist.

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The Harvest

Since the middle of March, many of us have watched the people around us trying to grab hold of something that will make sense of the pandemic and the forced changes that have knocked them off their feet. I’ve always been able to shake things off. It takes a hell of a lot to cause me any level of stress and for me this whole pandemic thing has been no different; but I know a great number of folks who have really been struggling.

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